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Glaze Reclamation Systems


Xtract's glaze reclamation systems can process dilute washings containing glaze overspray, delivering two liquid streams.

The first stream is the recovered glaze at such a density and consistency that it can be blended with virgin glaze for re-use, providing the customer with tangible savings from the moment the system is commissioned. The second stream is filtered water which can be used as clean process water within the factory, or can be safely disposed of.

Let us review your opportunity to recover glaze:

Many ceramics manufacturers around the world are using Xtract’s advanced technology to meet the highest of process standards and efficiencies. They are consistently enjoying significant cost savings due to the recovery of glaze from their manufacturing process and contributing ultimately to a ‘zero waste policy’.

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System Benefits

Xtract offers its customers the opportunity to reclaim up to 100% of the raw material within the captured waste stream by integrating an Xtract system into the manufacturing process.
The Xtract system provides precise density control in a reliable and simple to operate single process. High reliability and low maintenance costs give high plant availability which is essential to the customer's process.

The Xtract Process can significantly reduce waste handling and processing through conventional and expensive waste water treatment process plant. The Xtract system removes the necessity to discharge harmful constituents to drain and provides an assured quality of its recycled water enabling efficient re-use. The Xtract system significantly improves the environmental standing and accreditation of any company employing its technology.

For a detailed account of Xtract's System Benefits, please click here.

System Characteristics

The system typically comprises the following modules:

  • Feed System
  • Filter Module
  • Control Module
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) Module

Depending on the processing parameters, various configurations are available, from a single-loop batching system to a dual-loop continuous process system.

For more information, please click here for System Design.


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Glaze Reclamation SystemsGlaze Reclamation Systems
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