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Oil Water Separation


Oil/Water Separation

In some cases oil/water separation can reduce soluble oil disposal costs by as much as 75%, making the installation of an Xtract filter – either static or mobile – an extremely attractive prospect. These units are of particular benefit to chemical, gas, refining and petroleum process plants.

Oil Water SeparationXtract’s innovative filtration solutions can also be applied to the treatment of contaminated water stored at licenced waste sites for treatment and safe disposal. Disposal of large quantities of waste is a growing problem for owners and operators as increasingly severe global legislation is focusing their attention on finding a cost effective and environmentally acceptable answer.

Xtract employs a unique ceramic membrane which operates as a crossflow filter, whereby the incoming contaminated flow passes along the length of the filter rather than at right angles to the filtration surface. Driven by a difference in pressure, the filtered feedstock passes through the body of the filter to create a clean permeate phase. In the meantime, the retentate phase, including oil, bacteria and suspended solids, is kept in the flow and passes to the filter outlet. The fine pore size of the ceramic media means that sub-micron particles can be removed to give a better than 10mg/l oil and suspended solids in the resulting cleaned water.

In independent verification trials, these ceramic membranes were put through their paces on oily formation water onshore. These trials resulted in consistently reduced oil-in-water to less than 5 mg/l, removed all sulphate reducing bacteria and kept total suspended solids below 10 mg/l.

The technology can be used to filter a variety of waste materials, waste oil and water emulsions and waste coolants.

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