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Slip Reclamation Systems


Slip reclamation is a major issue in the ceramic industry, particularly in the traditional sector, and Xtract has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results.

The Xtract slip recovery system can be operated as either a batch or continuous process. Excess slip is concentrated to much higher density levels which greatly increases solids recovery. The resulting concentrated suspension is reintroduced into the slip making process, thus significantly reducing raw material inventory and purchasing costs.

The benefits of the Xtract process are clear. We have already demonstrated more than a three-fold increase in solids recovery while these installations mean a big reduction in waste disposal to landfill. The combined cost savings quickly make an impact. A payback period of 12-18 months is not uncommon.

System Characteristics

The Xtract Slip Reclamation system typically comprises the following modules:

  • Feed System
  • Filter Module
  • Control Module
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) Module

Depending on the processing parameters, various configurations are available, from a single-loop batching system to a dual-loop continuous process system.

Automated operation designed to complement existing manufacturing and material collection processes.

Compact, Modular, expandable design.


Cost Savings and Benefits

There are many Xtract installations worldwide delivering the real and tangible cost savings and process benefits. It is normal for Xtract’s customers that, following commissioning and integration of the Xtract system, they immediately expect to achieve 100% Slip utilisation, together with a significant amount of clean re-usable process quality water.

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Xtract's systems have been robustly designed by our highly qualified and experienced engineers and conform with international standards. Depending on the processing parameters, various configurations are available, from a single loop batching system to a two loop continuous process system.

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