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Zirconia Reclamation

The quality of steel castings is routinely enhanced by the use of metal pouring filters positioned within the gating system of the mould. These filters remove non-metallic inclusions such as furnace and ladle slag, moulding sand, refractories and de-oxidation products suspended in the metal stream. They also ensure a smooth metal flow into the mould.

Correct use of these filters can reduce internal re-work costs in welding and cleaning, improve casting yields and machinability and hence machine tool life.

These ceramic foam filters are typically produced from zirconia, a stable refractory material offering a unique combination of thermal shock resistance, resistance to chemical attack, hot strength and creep resistance.

Being a high value raw material, the reclamation of the zirconia lost within the process can offer the filter manufacturer significant savings. However, due to the viscous nature of the slurry, the reclamation process is enormously challenging.

Xtract has used its experience in the reclamation of submicron viscous slurries from industrial processes to develop a zirconia reclamation system, saving money every day for its clients.

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