A wide range of materials, such as Electrical Porcelain, Mullite and Steatite, is used to manufacture Mantec’s Electrical Insulators such as Busbar Supports, Die-Pressed Components, Tubes, Rods, Terminal Blocks, Connector Blocks, Electrical Element Supports, Element Carriers, Ceramic Plugs, Arc Shields.

Mantec Technical Ceramics has vast experience in the manufacture of both standard and non-standard electrical insulators and specialises in glazed as well as unglazed products to suit customers’ precise applications.

Typical products manufactured by Mantec in this category include  etc.



  • Electrical Porcelain
  • Low Tension Porcelain
  • Low Voltage Porcelain
  • Die-Pressed Porcelain
  • Porcelain Products for OEMs
  • Resistance Insulators
  • Mullite
  • Steatite