Mantec Technical Ceramics supplies a wide range of speciality ceramics which are extensively used in applications such as:

Soil Science

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piezometer Probe Tips

Used in civil engineering to measure the water pressure in soils and structures, essential in areas where a clear reading is required to indicate the water table level before it could start to erode or undermine civil structures.

Soil Moisture Monitors

Used in agriculture and horticulture irrigation systems as a means of triggering a water supply if the requisite level of moisture in the soil falls below pre-set levels.  By operating such a system, the user can obtain many benefits in knowing when and how much water to use, resulting in better crop yields.

Ceramic Crucibles

For over 40 years, Mantec’s ceramic crucibles and base pots have been key components in the manufacture of optical crystals.

Produced using a technique known as the Kyropoulos Process, the crystals are utilised in laboratory equipment for chemical analysis, X-ray and medical equipment. The crystals grown in Mantec’s crucibles are used as infrared materials and are produced from Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Potassium Chloride (KCl) and Potassium Bromide (KBr).

Ceramics for Controlled Release

The ability of porous ceramics to absorb liquids and then release them at a controlled rate has triggered the development of porous ceramics for air fresheners and release of disinfectant.

The properties of ceramic materials, which include inertness, strength, rigidity and the ability to withstand high temperatures, and in particular porosity, guarantee its application versatility and make it appropriate as a medium for this type of product.

The inert element prevents porous ceramics from reacting chemically with the perfume or disinfectant and when saturated, it is still dry to the touch with no further seepage of the liquid occurring.