Sub-Contract Manufacturing

Mantec has a range of manufacturing equipment that allows customers to develop new products without the expense of purchasing their own capital equipment.

Mantec has the capability of mixing, pressing/forming, drying, firing and testing a wide range of materials to exact technical specification. Mantec also has a number of customers who use its sub-contract spray drying and firing capacity to satisfy spikes in their own demand.


A wide range of mixing capabilities is on offer including Ball Mills, Slip Blungers, Storage Arcs, Z-blade, Pan Mills and Eirich mixers.

Component Forming

A range of on-site component forming techniques is available for our customers to hire. These include:

  • Slip Pressing – Tubes, Cups, Crucibles, Complex shapes etc
  • Chemical/Cement/Low Cement casting – Regular and complex Pre-Cast Shapes.
  • Isostatic pressing – Tubes
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical uniaxial pressing – Tiles, Discs, Flat Sheets etc
  • Extrusion – Tubes, Multi-Hole Ceramics, Regular Cross Section Lengths.

Spray Drying

Mantec has a large atomising nozzle spray dryer available for hire either on a contract or daily basis. Typical batch sizes range from small 50-100kg trials up to 10-20 ton campaigns.

Customers are provided with full technical support in order to achieve their desired dried granulate size distribution for each individual application.

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Thermal Processing

Mantec has the capabilities to offer sub-contract services for Curing, De-Binding, Sintering and Calcination.

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Product Development

With its wide range of manufacturing technologies and experienced technical team, Mantec has the ability to undertake small to medium-sized research and development projects to transform a customer’s product idea/concept into a commercially manufactured product.

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