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Cost Savings & Benefits

Xtract offers its customers the opportunity to reclaim up to 100% of the raw material within the captured waste stream by integrating an Xtract system into the manufacturing process. The Xtract system provides precise density control in a reliable and simple to operate single process. High reliability and low maintenance costs give high plant availability which is essential to the customer’s process.

The Xtract Process can significantly reduce waste handling and processing through conventional and expensive waste water treatment process plant. The Xtract system removes the necessity to discharge harmful constituents to drain and provides an assured quality of its recycled water enabling efficient re-use. The Xtract system significantly improves the environmental standing and accreditation of any company employing its technology.

There are many Xtract installations worldwide within the sanitaryware manufacturing sector delivering the real and tangible cost savings and process benefits.

It is normal for Xtract’s customers that, following commissioning and integration of the Xtract system, they immediately expect to achieve 100% glaze utilisation, together with a significant amount of clean re-usable process quality water.


The installation of an Xtract Reclamation System is justified by:

  • Payback – Typically less than 2 years
  • The value of recovered waste glaze
  • The value of reclaimed water
  • Improved glazing quality
  • Yield improvements
  • Increased productivity
  • Reducing the cost per piece to produce
  • Zero Waste
  • Environmental compliance
  • Cost Savings and Benefits

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