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Employing crossflow filtration technology – which features high quality, chemically robust ceramic membranes – Xtract’s systems can be used in many industrial solid-liquid separation applications.

Cutting Oil

Our continuous filtration technology enables users to recycle spent machining cutting oil generated from many manufacturing operations. Apart from the environmental and cost benefits, filtration of this type removes the need to drain cutting oil sumps for sludge removal.

Oil/Water Separation

In some cases oil/water separation can reduce soluble oil disposal costs by as much as 75%, making the installation of an Xtract filter – either static or mobile – an extremely attractive prospect. These units are of particular benefit to chemical, gas, refining and petroleum process plants.

Industrial Effluent Treatment

Manufacturing, food, agricultural and other sectors all produce wastewaters and are subject to tough legislation on how these must be dealt with. Xtract filters out the solid matter and produces a retentate that can much more easily, effectively and safely be disposed of. The filtered water is syphoned off from the continuous cleaning process and can be re-used.

Laundry Effluents

Laundry wastewater may contain a mixture of salts, surfactants, dirt particles, fat, oil and dyes. Xtract’s ceramic filter array is a highly effective answer and helps address residual pollution and heavy metals where they occur. Once again, the process water is recycled.

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