Employing Crossflow Filtration technology using specially developed ceramic membranes, Xtract offers bespoke systems & equipment to cover a full range of purification & clarification duties.

Most commonly, the equipment is employed in the purification of plant extracts, which are used as flavoring in the food and beverage sector or fragances in the toiletries, cosmetics and personal care markets.

The process typically involves the maceration of the plant material in an extractor using ethanol and water. The resultant liquor is passed through a pre-filter.

Once the extraction and pre-filtration processes have taken place, the product is fed into a feed tank, from where it is recirculated through the crossflow filtration system with 50% returning to the feed tank and 50% recirculating through a heat exchanger.

By virtue of a trans-membrane pressure (TMP) across the ceramic membranes, some of the liquid is passed through the membrane and is collected as permeate in a second tank. Having been passed through the crossflow system, the permeate meets the required standard of <10 cfu/ml microbial assays.