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Recovering valuable raw materials from liquid waste streams for our global customers is a key area to Xtract’s business.

Xtract has enjoyed international success with the installation of its Glaze and Slip Reclamation Systems within the ceramics industry for more than 20 years.

Xtract’s technology, which is based on crossflow filtration using specially designed robost ceramic membranes, has also been employed to recover valuable Zircona from waste slurry for the manufacture of metal pour filters within the investment casting industry. The technology can also be used for many other industrial liquid waste streams, either for material recovery or for the concentration of waste for disposal.

Glaze Reclamation Systems

Many ceramics manufacturers around the world are using Xtract’s advanced technology to meet the highest of process standards and efficiencies. They are consistently enjoying significant cost savings by recovering glaze from their manufacturing process and contributing ultimately to a ‘zero waste policy’.

Xtract’s glaze reclamation systems are designed to process dilute washings containing glaze overspray, delivering two liquid streams.

The first stream is the recovered glaze at such a density and consistency that it can be blended with virgin glaze for re-use, providing the customer with tangible savings from the moment the system is commissioned.


Oil Water Separation

In some cases oil/water separation can reduce soluble oil disposal costs by as much as 75%, making the installation of an Xtract filter – either static or mobile – an extremely attractive prospect. These units are of particular benefit to chemical, gas, refining and petroleum process plants.

Xtract’s innovative filtration solutions can also be applied to the treatment of contaminated water stored at licenced waste sites for treatment and safe disposal. Disposal of large quantities of waste is a growing problem for owners and operators as increasingly severe global legislation is focusing their attention on finding a cost effective and environmentally acceptable answer.


Slip Reclamation Systems

Slip reclamation is a major issue in the ceramic industry, particularly in the traditional sector, and Xtract has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results.

The Xtract slip recovery system can be operated as either a batch or continuous process. Excess slip is concentrated to much higher density levels which greatly increases solids recovery. The resulting concentrated suspension is reintroduced into the slip making process, thus significantly reducing raw material inventory and purchasing costs.


Zirconia Reclamation Systems

The reclamation of zirconia lost within industrial processes can offer significant savings to the manufacturer. However, due to the viscous nature of the slurry, the reclamation process is enormously challenging.

Xtract has used its experience in the reclamation of submicron viscous slurries from industrial processes to develop a zirconia reclamation system, saving money every day for its clients.

Liquid Waste processing Systems

The Xtract systems are sufficiently robust and technically capable of facing up to today’s demanding liquid waste processing protocols.

Pre-treatment, large particle separation and Xtract crossflow filtration combine to achieve efficient waste concentration, reducing disposal volumes and costs. Produced filtrate is recycled into the process to reduce water consumption.

There are many Xtract installations worldwide within the sanitaryware manufacturing sector delivering the real and tangible cost savings and process benefits.

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