Fully Refurbished Xtract Glaze Reclamation System-Now Available

Save money by recovering valuable glaze within your Sanitaryware manufacturing process.

Xtract has available a used, fully refurbished Sanitaryware Glaze Reclamation System capable of processing water from a dilute glaze slurry to produce a consistent high-density glaze. This glaze can then be re-used within the operation.

The key feature of the Xtract process is that the particle size distribution is retained and a consistent density is achieved. This results in the reclaimed glaze being identical to that of the virgin material and can therefore be simply blended prior to re-use.

By installing an Xtract system, it is possible to achieve significant cost savings of glaze, process quality water and a reduced demand on the waste water system. The water obtained from an Xtract system is of sufficient quality to be reused in the manufacturing process.

If you would like to express your interest in this system, please contact us now for the technical specifications.