Filtration of Plant Extracts

Xtract Filtration Systems has an enviable reputation for the design, build, installation and commissioning of standard and bespoke filtration systems to process a variety of liquids. 

Our systems are essential when a high-value material is to be recovered from the feedstock, or indeed when the feedstock is to be purified or clarified.

Xtract has developed a standard, frame-mounted system which is ideal for small to medium sized batch production.  The system is hygienically constructed from grade 316 stainless steel and incorporates a filter module with Star-Sep™ ceramic membranes fitted.  A 100-litre feed tank with an operating volume of 15 to 85 litres is installed, together with all the necessary instrumentation to optimise the filtration process. 

The equipment is employed in the purification of plant extracts, which are used as flavouring in the food and beverage sector or fragrances in the toiletries, cosmetics and personal care markets.  However, the system parameters can be varied, allowing a diverse range of liquids to be processed.  Installation is simple with all the component parts mounted on a robust frame with locking wheels.

Depending on the material being processed, the permeate flow rate typically ranges from 20 to 200 litres / hour, making the system ideal for batch processing. Full training is offered by Xtract’s highly skilled and experienced technicians, allowing production to commence immediately after commissioning.

Green Credentials

The Xtract system significantly improves the environmental standing and accreditation of any company employing its technology.  The process can significantly reduce waste handling and processing through conventional and expensive wastewater treatment process plant.

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      Key features:

  • Superb Green credentials.
  • One step filtration process reduces production times
  • Reduces the volume of waste produced.
  • Excellent for processing botanical extracts for the flavourings and cosmetics sectors.
  • Ideal for small to medium sized batch production.
  • Hygienically constructed using grade 316 stainless steel materials.
  • Variable parameters to facilitate the processing of various liquids.
  • Simple installation and commissioning.
  • Perfect pre-cursor to scale-up.